31 Plays in 31 Days - Ten One Page Plays

This year I am very happy to be participating in 31 Plays in 31 Days.  Hundreds of writers from all over are writing and submitting plays.  It feels good to feel so connected to so many writers.

I plan on writing several kinds of plays (I had even hoped to get in a full length), but I really didn't go into this with much of an attack plan.  Of course, I'm not sure why.  Doing this has started to feel like training for a marathon.  And just like training, it's showing me how sadly out of shape I really am.

But, I can also feel the creative juices flowing!  And I wanted to share with you some of what I've been up to.  Over the last two nights I dedicated myself to writing ten one page plays.  With the help of my husband and my friend we came up with genres to write the plays in.

So, I submit to you: ten very short genre plays.  There should be something for everyone!


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