31 Plays in 31 Days - Family Drama Story

Family Drama Story
Maggie, a graying and sagging woman in her forties, vacuums her living room with an old and angry vacuum.  Jillian, a good looking woman in her late thirties who is fighting the ageing process with all her might and every penny, enters.  She has a suitcase with her.  She waits for Maggie to see her.  Once she does, Maggie stands and stares at her a moment, then turns off the vacuum.  The look each other up and down.

Jillian              Hey Maggie.

Maggie            Jesus, look what the fucking cat dragged in.

Jillian              Are you still saying that?

Maggie            What do you want?

Jillian              I don’t even get a “hello”? A “how ya been”? A “nice to see ya”?

Maggie            Hello.  How ya been. Nice to see ya. What do you want?

Jillian              Fuck you.

Maggie            What the hell were you expecting?

Jillian              I was expecting my sister to act like a fucking sister for once in her life.

Maggie            I don’t have any money.

Jillian              I didn’t come for –

Maggie            That’ll be the –

Jillian              Can’t I come because I love –

Maggie            You don’t love anyone but yourself –

Jillian              Oh don’t give me the jealous sister –

Maggie            Me, jealous? Of your phony plastic ass –

Jillian              At least I still have one.  Should we check the vacuum to see if we can recover some of yours?

                                                                        They pause a moment, then laugh. 

Maggie            You old bitch, come here.

                                                                        They embrace.

                                                                        End of Play


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