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I heart Awesome Theatre

The copy below is stolen from this page.  You can just skip this post and go right there and donate. And you'll know that I love you so so much!
Over the last five years, Awesome Theatre has worked to create “theatre for people who didn’t know they liked theatre.” That sentiment has helped us to hone in on our true mission of producing NEW plays by LOCAL playwright that are also wonderfully and perfectly WEIRD. It's a formula we stand by and our audiences come hungry for.
With 2018 being our first year in house at Pianofight we brought some fantastically absurd, hilarious, and terrifying plays to the bay area. This featured the Finals of our Playwriting contest (In Search Of) THE FUNNIEST PLAY EVER, a whole new theatrical experience with THURSPLAYS, a one hour late(ish) night “Strange and Unusual Plays for Strange Unusual People”, and the third installment of our Horror-Theatre Double Feature TERROR-RAMA III. We are ecstatic to continue our residency at Pianofight with our 2019 s…

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