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Mercy Killing by Alandra Hileman | produced by Awesome Theatre (2018)

Mercy Killing
Love is dead, literally.

Mercy is a barista in San Francisco. She's also a serial killer. The only one who knows is a Grim Reaper named Thana, her girlfriend, sort of, it's complicated. The two of them navigate a tenuous romance while trying to evade detection by the authorities on either side of morality.

Featuring: Olivia Brown, Stephanie Whigham, Noe Flores, and Haley Bertlesen.
Set design by Katie Whitcraft, Light Design by Mark Weddle, Prop design by Robby Nothstine, Costume design by Natalie Ashodian, Sound design by Colin Johnson, Fight Choreography by Kyle McReddie, Graphic design by Stephanie Whigham


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