Let's Fast Forward to 2018

There have been so many wonderful things that have happened in 2017, but at the moment I can not remember a single one of them.  Mostly it's all lost in an adrenalin haze that I got from refreshing the NPR home page over and over and over again.     

Maybe your drug of choice was CNN or the Google News Page or Twitter.  Whatever it was, 2018 will be the antidote you and I and everyone needs thanks to Awesome Theatre.

So take a look at the Menu below.  Peruse the specials. Wet your appetite for good, homegrown entertainment. There is so much coming in 2018, so much to see. 

(In Search of) The Funniest Play Ever
The Semi-Finals and the Finals.  Four playwrights, winners of rounds in 2017, go head-to-head with their funny funny plays.  Celebrity Judges. Fabulous Host Kaylamay. The best performers in they Bay Area. A one eyed crew member. An auteur director. A panicked producer.  It's the best night of theatre you didn't know you were missing out on. 

Strange and unusual plays for strange and unusual people. I'm directing MERCY KILLING by Alandra Hileman.  Romance. Serial Killing. What more could you want?  (Besides Anthony and Jess's fucking funny comedy...see that too.)

Terror-Rama III: Dead the Whole Time
It's BACK! AND DEADER THAN EVER!  I've written a rom-can-com (a romantic cannibal comedy.) If you are hungry for love this is the play for you! (Also, Colin's tale of a haunted man will creep you out.)

We'll take a local Bay Area playwright you love, and we'll bring you with their worst play.  For fun!

I'm really proud of the work that Awesome Theatre is doing and I think you'll like it too.  So mark your calendars!

(Now, back to my regularly scheduled NPR refreshing.)


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