31 Plays in 31 Days - Space Opera Story

Space Opera Story
Lord Nero stands alone looking out over a great expanse of stars and planets from his personal observation deck aboard his deadly command space ship.  The room itself is cold and dark.  Three servants in red enter, before they can advance too far Lord Nero addresses them with a booming voice and without turning to look at them.

Lord Nero                   Bring the prisoner to me!

They exit and return a moment later with Princess Tilla, a warrior with blast burns on her torn rebel uniform.

Princess Tilla             You’ve gone too far this time Lord Nero!

Lord Nero                   Quiet girl!  I did not bring you here to listen to your futile pleading.  I’ve brought you here show you the price of my displeasure.

Princess Tilla             Nothing you can show me can hurt me.

Lord Nero                   Not even this?

Lord Nero claps his hands.  Servants pull back a panel to reveal Lady Gray suspended by her wrists above a dangerous and large lizard beast of Kanpanpoor.  Lady Gray bravely kicks at the beast, but her strength is giving way.  Lord Nero laughs.  Princess Tilla screams. 

Princess Tilla             No!  No it cannot be!

Lord Nero                   You thought you could hide her from me? Me! I am Lord of all!  I see all! And I see into your heart, Princess Tilla.  To the Universe you may be the lost Princess come to reclaim her throne, but to me you are just another weak creature.  Had you not fallen in love you might have been an opponent worth having.

Princess Tilla             She is an innocent in this.

Lord Nero                   No.  You are the innocent thinking that such a sad plea could make me change my mind.  Servants!  End this game.  Cut her down and feed my pet it’s supper.

Princess Tilla             No!!!!!
Princess Tilla’s scream stops time.  A voice calls out to her low and soothing in the darkness. It is Lady Gray’s, who is speaking with her mind.

Lady Gray                   There is your power.  Why have you waited so long to use it?

Princess Tilla             I could not control it until now.

Lady Gray                   It will not last long.  Come to me my love and let’s run.

Princess Tilla runs to her love, standing atop the beast to get Lady Gray down. They jump down. Time starts.

End of Play.


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