31 Plays in 31 Days - Ghost Story

Ghost Story
A dark apartment late at night.  Stillness. It is raining outside.  A flash of lightening followed quickly by a crack of thunder.  In the flashes it is revealed the apartment appears to be empty.  There is also a door into the apartment and an entrance at the opposite end to a hallway.   Darkness again.  Stillness. Suddenly, a shadowy shape moves across the stage.  Lighting and thunder again reveal the room to still be empty.  A door opens suddenly and the lights snap on.  Sydney, a young woman in her mid twenties, enters the room. 

Sydney            Hello?

                                                Gail enters from the hall.  She is also young.

Sydney           Hi. I’m here to see the apartment.

Gail                  Please go away.

Sydney           I’m sorry?

Gail                  Everyone here is gone.  Please,  it’s time for you to go.

Sydney           Do you live here?

                                                Gail begins to cry.

Gail                  Please, just go.

Sydney           I’m sorry.  I didn’t know anyone was here.

Gail                  Who are you?

Sydney           My name is Sydney.  I’m here to see the apartment.  Are you moving out?

Gail                  This is my apartment.  I live here now.  I moved in yesterday.

Sydney           That doesn’t sound right.

Gail                  All night you come and you open the door and I’ve told you the same thing.  This is my apartment now.  Everyone you knew here is gone.  Please go away.

Sydney           I don’t know what you are talking about.

Gail                  It’s raining outside.  Why aren’t you wet?

Sydney           It’s not raining. 

A crack of lighting and thunder.  The lights snap off and on again.  Gail is alone in the apartment.

End of Play.


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