31 Plays in 31 Days - Spaghetti Western Story

Spaghetti Western Story

Stranger, a tall dusty cowboy, sits in a saloon slowly drinking whiskey.  Yolanda, powdered up and in her best red dress, saddles up next to him.  Garcia, a big angry man playing cards in the back, watches wearily.

Yolanda          Hey, stranger.

Stranger         Ma’am.

Garcia             Yolanda! Get over here and help me with this hand.

Yolanda          I’m busy Garcia!

Garcia             I said get over here! Besides, I don’t think that cowboy is buying what you’ve got for sale.

Yolanda          You hush your mouth.

Stranger         I didn’t come here to cause a problem, ma’am.  I just needed a drink.

Yolanda          You ain’t a problem.  Garcia is just protective is all.

Stranger         If I had something as pretty as you in shouting distance, I’d be protective too.

Yolanda          Aren’t you sweet as honey?

Garcia             Yolanda! I said get your ass over here! 

Yolanda          I’m coming, I’m coming.

                                                            Stranger grabs her wrist just as she walks away.

Stranger         I just wanna say, you look mighty pretty tonight. And he’s right, I ain’t look’n to buy.  I know that don’t earn me any favors in your book, but I think you should know that even if I owned all the tea in China I could never feel like I had earned the right to even a moment of your attentions.

Garcia             I said get over here you dumb bitch!

Suddenly masked men burst into the saloon shooting.  The Stranger takes out his pistol and shoots Garcia dead.  He starts to run, but Yolanda catches him.  The look at each other a moment in the chaos, then the Stranger throws a chair through a window to create an escape route.  They exit hand in hand.

End of Play


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