31 Plays in 31 Days - Thriller Story

Thriller Story
Scott, a man in his early fifties, runs through the woods.  He is dressed like a poor accountant, but his clothes are in tatters.  He has been running through the woods clutching his brief case for hours.  His body has finally started to give up.  He stumbles.  He tries to recover, but he stumbles again.  He falls.  He tries to stand, but fails.  He has lost control.  His breathing is erratic and full of panic.  He believes he is going to die.   Near by there is a crack of a stick breaking beneath someone’s foot.  Scott stops breathing suddenly and listens.  There is another crack.  He tries to stand, but finds he can’t.                           

Scott                Oh god!  Oh god!  Please.  Please no!  I don’t deserve to die!  I have a wife and family and children. They need me.  Please!  Don’t kill me out here where no one will find me!  I can’t die out here alone.  Please! Please don’t kill me!

A child comes around from behind a tree.  It is a little boy who is dirty and rough looking.  Still, it is a very small child who sucks his thumb and seems curious about this strange man.  Scott sees him and, at first becomes very still.  Then he relaxes.

Scott                I’m sorry son.  I thought…

                                                Scott starts to laugh as he relaxes.  He speaks mostly to himself.

Scott                I thought you where her.  I thought you were her coming to get me.  But, you.  You’re just a little boy. Where are you from son?  Are you from around here?  Where’s your home?

                                                The little boy points off.

Scott                I must have run further then I thought.  Maybe you could take me to your house?  Your folks have a phone?     

                                                The little boy nods yes.

Scott                Good.  I’ll see if they’ll let me use it.  I’ll tell’em my car went off the edge of the road into the river.  Well, it did, didn’t it?  So, it’s not too far from a lie.  Is it?

                                                The little boy shrugs his shoulders.

Scott                Well, lead on little one.

Brandy           Hold it.
                                                Brandy appears from behind a tree.  She has a shotgun trained on Scott.

Boy                  Mama!           
                                                The little boy runs to Brandy and hugs her around her legs.

Scott                Shit.

Brandy           Why don’t you hand over the case now, Scott?

                                                End of Play.


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