31 Plays in 31 Days - Gay Romance Story

Gay Romance Story

Two men stand across from each other looking at music in a well-appointed music store.   Anthony is in his mid-twenties and is enjoying a new height of attractiveness and a disposable income.  Richie is in his early thirties and has grown comfortable in his body and his sense of self.  They sense each other and are possibly looking longer at the records to be near each other.  The music changes to Otis Redding “Stand by Me” from Pain in My Heart. They both begin to sway and enjoy the song.
Anthony                     I love this song.

Richie                          It’s good.

They look up at each other for the first time.  There is a brief smile from each before they return to their respective records.                 
Anthony                     What are you looking at?

Richie                          Beach Boys.

Anthony                     Seriously?

Richie                          Yeah.  What? Do you have a problem with the Beach Boys?

Anthony                     I don’t have a problem with boys on a beach, but THE Beach Boys are kind of…beige.

Richie                          “God Only Knows” is one of the best songs ever recorded.

Anthony                     Come on.  That’s the crap my dad would listen to. It’s sentimental bullshit. 

Richie                          Listen to the lyrics:  I may not always love you  / But as long as there are stars above you / You never need to doubt it / I’ll make you so sure about it / God only knows what I’d be without you / If you should ever leave me / though life would go on believe me / The world could show nothing to me / So what good would living do me? / God only knows what I’d be without you.

Richie has delivered this all while looking directly at Anthony, who couldn’t break eye contact.  There is a pause.  An uncomfortable and blushing Anthony tries to make a joke.

Anthony                     It’s a terrible way to start a love song: “I may not always love you.”

Richie                          I think it’s honest.  Love is more complicated then happily ever after.

Anthony                     I’m sorry.  I think I started this wrong.  Do you want to get a drink?

Richie                          I would.

                                                                        End of Play.


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