31 Plays in 31 Days - Steam Punk Story

Steam Punk Story

Zelda, a beautiful woman in a long deep purple dress sits worried next to Lily, a child in a light flowing white play dress.  They are playing at a clockwork chess game where the pieces direct themselves when jeweled buttons are pressed.  The earth suddenly shakes and there is a great rumbling.

Lily                  What was that?

Zelda               I’m sure it was just your papa landing the balloon.  Lily, dear, settle yourself. 

Lily                  Just because you are my nanny doesn’t mean you have to boss me about.

Zelda               That is exactly what it means.  Would you like a cup of tea while we wait for your papa?

Lily                  I think you should marry my papa, would you like that?

Zelda               Lily.  Hush.  Don’t say such things. 

Lily                  He’s been so lonely since mamma died.  If you married him he might not travel so often.

Zelda               I doubt that.  His job is to take care of the Great Airship City.

Lily                  That’s where we’re going!

Zelda               Yes, he will take us there soon, but your papa is the head engineer.  He must work in the air below the city to keep us all safe. It is very dangerous.  We cannot go work with him.

Marcus, a tall handsome man in a leather great coat, suddenly bursts into the room.
Lily                  Papa!

Marcus           Oh my darling girl!  Hello. You, you must be Zelda.  I’m sorry I did not get the chance to hire you personally, but Lily has said wonderful things about you.

Zelda               Lily is a treasure, sir.

Marcus           Please, call me Marcus.

They look into each other’s eyes.  Suddenly there is a great tremor.

Marcus           Quick. Take Lily to the balloon, we haven’t a moment to loose. I have to get the plans for the city. The core is breaking apart under our feet even as we speak. 

Lily                  Papa,  I’m scared.

Zelda               Don’t worry, my love, your papa is here and we’ll be off soon and everything will be just fine.

                                                                        End of Play.


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