31 Plays in 31 Days - Noir Story

Noir Story

Erica, a tall drink of water in a short skirt, sits on a desk in a darkened private detective’s office late at night.  She is lit only by a blue streetlight that comes through the open blinds on a window and her cigarette.  Suddenly a door opens.  Bright, hot yellow light streams in. Delilah, in a rain soaked trench coat, stands silhouetted in the doorframe.

Delilah            Get out.

Erica               Keep your voice down. You’ll wake the neighbors.

Delilah            What do you know about my neighbors?

Erica               The dentist and the mob accountant?  Only that they’d be happy to see the back of you.

Delilah            I know how they feel. Speaking of which, why don’t you do me a favor and get the hell out.

Erica               I’ve got a bit of information for you and after you hear it you’ll wanna kiss and make-up.

Delilah            Erica, sweet heart, I’ve had more tempting offers from speeding bullets. 

Erica               There was a time I’d come calling and you couldn’t keep your hands off me.

Delilah            There was a time you’d come calling and I wouldn’t find a knife in my back when you left.

Erica               Honest, Delilah, I only came here to help.

Delilah            And what’s it gonna cost me?

Erica               Nothin’ honey.  I’ll just say my piece and go.

Delilah            Alright, spill it.

Erica               Donny’s the one that killed Reggie out at the peer, but he kept the gun for sentimental reasons.

Delilah            How do you know?

Erica               He told me, and I saw the gun. 

Delilah            Oh, Erica!  This is great!  You’ve just busted my case wide open

Delilah enters the room, slamming the door behind her as she does.  The room goes dark.  Suddenly, a gunshot and a flash.  The lights turn on.  Delilah is dead on the floor, shot in the back. Erica stands at the light switch.  Donny stands in the corner where it was once dark with the gun.

Erica               See, I told you it would be easy.

                                                            End of Play.


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