A vacation house in the Marin headlands.  The house is fogged in. It is mid-afternoon, late summer, present day. It is a beautiful modern home. Full length plate glass windows make up one side of the house, allowing us a complete view of the interior. A deck wraps around the entire house. The house sits above the garage, which is unseen. A stairway leads from the garage and driveway up onto the deck.  On one end of the deck is a fire pit with comfortable seating.  On the other end is an entrance to one of the bedrooms.

We can see that the kitchen, dinning room and living room are all one great room for perfectly made for entertaining. Upstage right is the kitchen with an exit to the garage below. Upstage left is a hall way leading to bedrooms and bathrooms.

Everything is very new, clean and shiny. Everything looks perfect.