List of Scenes

Prologue - Julia arrives and is shown around the vacation house by a curt and unkind Mrs. Delany.


Scene 1 - Jason arrives exhausted.  Anne and Clyde arrive hoping for a little alone time.  Julia still hasn't arrived yet.  To pass the time they get down to the business of being playwrights: drinking and talking about other writers.

Scene 2 - Just about everyone is gathered, but they are still stuck outside in the cold.  What else is there to do but to break out the scripts and start reading!  Anne and AJ clash in a feedback session over Brian's New Year's Eve play.  Sadie feels out of place among all the young playwrights.  Clyde tries to comfort (and maybe confront) Anne.  Julia finally arrives with her snarky friend Lorelei in toe.  And then last, but not least, Laura arrives and has a quiet moment with Jason.

Scene 3 - Drunken revelries hit a climax.  Mark and Laura are having communication problems.  Clyde can't get away from Lorelei fast enough.  Brian is uncomfortable. AJ gives his honest criticism of local playwrights and Anne gives her honest criticism of AJ.  Julia is left with the clean up.

A Writer's Dance - Each playwright gets a moment to talk about routines.


Scene 1 - Hangovers, revelations, evil plans and ...wood.  Lots of wood.

Scene 2 - Laura lays down the law and Anne finds herself with an unusual bedfellow.

Next Time - Girl we need a montage!