Purity by Claire Rice | produced by Awesome Theatre (2016)

Purity, takes place in the basement of a small church in rural Kansas.  Two young people prepare for a Purity Ball and share the dark pasts that brought them back to the church.  But outside a storm rages and a killer is stalking the streets. Will the locked door keep them safe?  Are they pure enough to survive the night?

Adam Niemann and Laura Peterson (photo by Claire Rice) 2016

Produced as part of Terror-Rama II: Prom Night
TERROR-RAMA, a Horror Theatre Double Feature, featuring my play Purity, opens October 14th!

Following my play is Anthony Miller's Sexy Vampire Academy. Price Academy, hidden in the forest across the river from a small Oregon Town, is a high school populated by vampires where it is 1996 forever. When new girl Abby and her friend Simon decide to help Dreamy Vampire Cole escape the grip of Queen Vampire Callidora, the past and present clash in a prom-night showdown.  It is funny, it is scary, it is EVERYTHING you want from a play called Sexy Vampire Academy.

Hosted once again by your Master of SCAREmonies, Nerd Queen and Horror-Host SINDIE CHOPPER and Directed by Colin Johnson. Featuring Adam Niemann, Andrew Chung, Heren Patel, Kaylamay Paz Suarez, Kyle McReddie, Laura Peterson, Megan Luis and Meghan Chambers

October 14th - 29th - 8pm
PianoFight - San Francisco

Do you want to donate to help pay the rent?  Awe.  You are the BEST.  You can donate HERE! 


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