Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Coming soon to a theater near you...

What am I up to these days? 


Beware the Killer Bees, by Spencer Bainbridge
ShortLived: Round 2!
June 22, 23 and 24 – 7pm – PianoFight
ShortLived is a play competition! If we win this round we move on to the final round in August. Winners of the final round receive money and accolades and pats on the back and a chance to shove it in everyone else’s faces! Well, not that last part, but the rest is true.


My Cannibal Summer
It's a love story set against a warm summer in a cannibal cul de sac.
A one act play commissioned for Terror-Rama 3: Dead the Whole Time, by Awesome Theater
The play will have a reading in August and will be produced in 2018.
More information here: https://awesometheatre.org/

Untitled Creature Feature
A send up of late night creature features. Horror! There are things in the dark that are out to get you! Fearsome creatures we thought died long ago! Horrors from the dark minds of scientists gone mad! You nightmares come to life and walking among you! Beautiful women in danger and the brave men who love them!
In development for Quantum Dragon Theatre’s reading series “The Forge”

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