Stupid Ghost by Savannah Reich | produced by San Francisco Theatre Pub (2016)

San Francisco Theater Pub Presents Stupid Ghost
This funny, charming, touching, dreamy little play was given to me to direct by Theater Pub Co-Artistic Director Tonya Narvaez and I fell in love with it before I finished it. Playwright Savannah Reich described the play to me as a "ghost story told by a ghost." There is love, there is loss, there is fear and there are all kinds of wonderful things. A ghost follows a girl home one day.  The Ghost totally didn't mean to take over her life and ruin everything...even though that's what happened.  The picture in the header of this email (taken by Paul Anderson) is from the play.

There are only two more performances left.
Monday, September 26 - 8pm
Tuesday, September 27 - 8pm
PianoFight - San Francisco
$10 donation, proceeds go to paying the actors
Directed by Claire Rice

Featuring Megan Cohen, Celeste Conowitch, Valerie Fachman, Ryan Hayes, Christine Keating.

Stupid Ghost is also playing at the Annex Theater in Baltimore.  If you are in the area or know anyone there, please tell them to check it out:

Please visit playwright Savannah Reich's website to find out more about her.  Get her plays. Produce them.  They are wonderful and she is just great.


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