Claire Rice's Enemy's List - The List

photo by Claire Rice

For a year I wrote for San Francisco Theater Pub, a blog that focuses on the experiences of independent theatre artists.  Most of the writers are based in San Francisco, though there are bloggers from all around. It was really fun writing for TheaterPub.  It has been a unique challenge.

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And, of course, read all the wonderful posts from all the amazing writers.

The Glass Gun
Thoughts about pretension in theatre.

Cool Cool Considerate Men
On being honest about disliking theatre.

Bloviating (An Interview with Dave Lankford)
What happens when what you write becomes unexpectedly viral.

Rape the Play
What I wrote after watching one too many women being raped on stage.

Why Are You Hitting Yourself?
Why indeed.

Money Talks and Bullshit Walks
Who's getting money from the NEA?

What Theatre Needs
A wish list for theatre.

Your Website Sucks
Why Actor's Equity's website sucks.

They Can't All Be Winners
Sooner or later I'll write the definitive piece on why it feels good to put other people down.

How to Fix Writer's Block
One day I'll write the definitive piece on why it feels good to put myself down.

588 If You're Lucky
On two artists who's performances are locked in my memory...and you probably didn't see what they did.

One is the Loneliest Number
When you are performing for just one and what that means.

I Have No Fucking Clue What I'm Doing
This could also be the name of my memoir, band and the house I plan on building. 

Revolutions Don't Start in Guilded Halls
I get really tired of hearing "Oh, it's in the Tenderloin?" 

Gone Fishing
That time I put in a placeholder. 

And Now a Note Without a Suicide
A director's note for RAT GIRL. 

Reviewers Suck
No sour grapes here.  Nope.  None at all. 

Four Things Theatre Bay Area Should Do
My "you're doing it wrong" blog post to a company that doesn't actually need me to tell them what to do.

Theatre Gets a Big Tax Break
I'm such a tease. 

When Theatre Goes Co-Op
Thunderbird Theatre investigates a new business model. 

Get the Fuck Off the Couch
There is theatre to see in the Bay Area.  Go See It!

The Adding Machine
September 19th all added up. 

Comedy of Personal Errors
This one doesn't have a story about me throwing up.  So, there is that.

By Any Other Name
My last Enemy's List Post


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