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You're Going to Bleed

I’ve been spending the last year working with DIVAFest, a women’s art festival, to put on their main stage play.  The festival includes art, music, performance art, burlesque, theatre and crafts; all of which focus on or are created by women.  I highly recommend checking out the festival which is just so full of wonderful fun projects.  The Burlesque show is a history of burlesque (so, not just ladies taking their clothes off…although they do that too.)  And there is a reading of a new work called The Helen Project that will evolve over the course of the festival.
The play I directed, You’re Going to Bleed, is going to be featured on the main stage of the EXIT Theatre for the rest of the month of May and the first week of June.  It has been an enormous effort and we’re all really proud of the result.  There’s blood, unicorns, ghosts, films and all kinds of crazy stuff!

The play itself is a black comedy about inequality, female roles in male dominated literature, and the place of fantasy in our relationships.  Anne’s life seems to be falling apart: her husband won't have sex with her because she is on her period, he is having an affair with a sixteen year old, her sister is obsessed with Hugh Grant, and she’s haunted by the ghost of her mother.

And, yes, it’s a very funny and very dark. 

You’re Going to Bleed
Directed by Claire Rice
Written by Melissa Fall

At the EXIT Theatre 156 Eddy Street San Francisco, CA

Previews May 9 and 10 – 8pm – Tickets are $10
Opening May 11 – 7pm – Tickets are $15-$25 – There will be a discussion after the show with the playwright and myself.
May 16-June 1 - Thursday, Friday, Saturday performance – 8pm - Tickets are $15-$25

There’s a nice little café you can order drinks from in the theatre and free pretzels! 


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