Act 2, Scene Four

...where Laura and Greg have a talk about procrastination, professional jealousy, relationships, running a theatre company, making budgets, burning bridges, and priorities. 

This installment has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, bad planning, cute puppy videos, a problem with my internet connection, sweeteners that cause cancer, meta, dada, bath water, Phillip Glass, a singularity, destructive mirrors, jealousy, Mount Rushmore, men in drag, a full time job, cookies, Lent, Phillip Glass, luck (both good and bad), babies, no babies, maybe babies, obscurities, obfuscations, constellations, incriminating weather, Scottish Highland romance novels, juicy-juices, coincidences, Felicia Day, a pirate named Craig, tolerance, forgiveness, whiskey, Phillip Glass, good theatre, bad theatre, and a dog/cat thing without a heart that learns to love but is ultimately crucified for stealing bread. 


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