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SF Olympians - Heavenly Bodies
The EXIT - October 6-29

Hot young writers produced in reading.  A festival of plays dedicated to and about the Greek gods.  This years inspiration comes directly from the heavens.  Hunters and their Monsters.  Men and their Women.  Stars and Satellites.  Gods and Goddesses.  You'll see them at the festival today and then on the best stage across the country tomorrow.

There are a lot of shows to see, but I'm just going to write down the evenings I'm involved in.  Oh, and the art pasted below are original pieces created by local artists specifically for the show.

All shows start at 8pm.  Shows are $10.  See four performances and see the fifth for free!


Oh, and if you are wondering, yes...there is an app for that...

October 7, 2011
Hunter and Hunted 
Canis Major by Claire Rice, directed by Claire Rice
Orion by Meg Cohen, directed by Claire Rice
Scorpio by Seanan Palmero, directed by Claire Rice

October 21, 2011
Falling Stars
Icarus by Jeremy Cole, directed by Jeremy Cole
Phaethon by Ashley Cowan, directed by Ashley Cowan
Eophorous by Sean Kelly, directed by Claire Rice
Hard Pack by Lise Catherine Miller, directed by Lise Catherine Miller
Zephyrus by Neil Higgins, directed by Claire Rice
Hesperus by Claire Rice, directed by Claire Rice

October 28, 2011
Orbiting Jupiter
Metis by Maria Leigh, directed by Emlyn Guiney
Io by Christian Simonsen, directed by Emlyn Guiney
Europa by Claire Rice, directed by Neil Higgins
Leda by Kirk Shimano, directed by Neil Higgins
Callisto by Seanan Palmero, directed by Neil Higgins
Ganymede by Neil Higgins, directed by Neil Higgins
Elara and Himalia by Alison Luterman, directed by Emlyn Guiney


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