What's Going On?

Right now I'm happy to relate that I'm working on the SF Olympian Festival with over 50! other amazing artists, actors, directors and writers. 12 Gods, 12 Plays, 12 Days, 1 Festival. I suggest you all get on board. I directed last night's (sorry, you missed it) The Life Poseidon by Thunderbird Theatre Company's Bryce Allemann, Kathy Hicks, and Dana Constance. You've also missed Nathan Tucker's take on the god Dionysus, and Garret Groenveld's Apollo. There are many plays still to see, but of course I want you to see mine.

Demeter's Daughter, July 22 by Claire Rice and directed by Ashley Cowan
Juno, July 30 by Stuart Bousel and directed by Claire Rice


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