Keep on Keep'n On!

Wonderful, wonderful news! Aileen Clark's brilliant one woman show "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Lost My Virginity" is back...but this time we'll be at the SF Playhouse. We're doing two Sunday's in May. Sunday May 23rd and Sunday May 30th.

I can't tell you how proud I've been to be a part of this show from the beginning and how excited I am that we are moving this great show to a bigger venue so we can get more people in to see it. Get your tickets now...while you still can. Miss Aileen Clark is moving to New York and you may not get another chance like this for a long long time.

Mark your calendars for Sunday May 23 and Sunday May 30 7pm.
Aileen Clark's show about love, loss, life and the search for the end of virginity is coming to the SF Playhouse!

Get your tickets while they are hot and bothered!


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