Bay Area One Acts Festival

Come on out and see the Bay Area On Acts Festival (BOA). I am directing "Housebroken" by Stuart Bousel. It will be going up in Program 2. Visit for more information.

9th Annual Bay One Acts (BOA) Festival
February 18 - March 13, 2010
Boxcar Theatre, San Francisco
Tickets: $24, $16 for 30 and under & TBA, $12 Student/Senior
Program 1 (Opens February 18th)

Generic Play by Edward Luhn
Directed by Jill MacLean (Managing Producer, Playwrights Foundation),

Query by Ben Fisher
Directed by Meg O'Connor (Administrative Director, Playwrights Center/Literary Manager, Cutting Ball

Cather in the Rye (Cancelled) by Jon Brooks
Directed by Jessica Holt (Threshold)

Reading with Friends by Crish Barth
Directed by Paul Cello (Climate Theatre and Instrumental Theatre)

Altered Landscape by William Bivins
Directed by Claire Zawa (Three Wise Monkeys)

The Philadelphian by Sam Leichter
Directed by Rob Ready (Piano Fight)

Program 2 (Opens February 25th)

Three Little Words by Tim Bauer
Directed by Alex Curtis (Playpen Theatre)

The Great Double Check by Megan Cohen
Directed by Claire Zawa (Three Wise Monkeys)

Housebroken by Stuart Bousel
Directed by Claire Rice (No Nude Men)

Nothing Works by Daniel Heath
Directed by Amy Clare Tasker (General Manager, Cutting Ball Theater)

The Life and Death of Joshua Zweig by Lauren Yee
Directed by Tore Ingersoll-Thorp (Sleepwalkers Theatre)

Produced by Three Wise Monkeys Theatre Company
Artistic Director, Jessica Holt & Executive Director, Richard Bernier


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