To Rachel, Thank You

My dear friend Rachel asked last night "Should I call you and check to make sure you are working?" I said, "Yes, that's probably a good idea."

There is a fear that I will drop off and away into a sedentary, quiet life of doing nothing with my writing days. And there are so many ahead of me, the prospect is very frightening. I, like many writers I have known, need something a kin to a cattle prod to get going. Some need to be tied to their chairs, other need to have the fearful deadline of an oncoming production (not unlike a train in it's deathly bright light and noisy clatter) to spir them into finger tip tapping action. There are a few among us who are addicted to the act, who rarely tare themselves away from laptops, notebooks, and typewriters. They amass mountains of work and are always mid project, even as others tip over the produced and performed hills as they chug their way through the rollercoaster production calendars. Others, like myself, watch those rollercoasters go by as our hands hover uselessly above our keys, pens and other such impliments. We are deep in meditation...about washing our dishes.

So I said, yes. Please check my blog around 2 or 3 o'clock. I use my blog often as a warm up before I plunge into a scene. If I have writen in my blog, I may be writing on my latest project.

Unfortunatly, I will not be writing much more this afternoon. I've spent the morning working on an application for a residency I will not be awarded, but I concider a good project for my first day at work. If I get this out the door today, I'll consider the day well used and fall asleep happily and ready for tomorrow's project. I want to check everyday on residencies, publications, productions and such that I can apply to...and I want to apply to them in a timely manner. Maybe even set up a calendar of deadline events and submit, submit, submit.

So, Rachel, I hope you read this and wag your finger at me then make me some cookies. I didn't write, but I did work. Which is more then I wanted to do (which was sleep in, followed by a long breakfast while I watched a movie, followed by reading a very good bad for me book, then another movie.)

Good for me, I say. Good for me.

The rejection letter for this is due to me in November when I will tell you what I applied to.


Kiki B said…
I can figure out how to get a cattle prod, if you want. ;) I'm looking forward to hearing/reading what you are working/writing on! Much love.

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