The Future is So Bright...I have to wash the dishes

My boyfriend is out of town and so I'm doing the only logical thing a girl can do when the man in her life absconds for a holiday with his mom...I'm drowning myself in "Doctor Who" episodes and cheap margaritas. Oh joy, oh pure happiness, you have come to find me at last.

Yes, I will stay up at least three hours past the time that this is posted. Yes I will allow my glutton tenancies to over take any sensibilities I may have.

There is a journey we must all take...and I think I'll enjoy this little limbo or lay over or whatever it is until I get to September 1st. Between who I am, and who I will try to be, there is this moment. This moment where I must breath and greive for that girl and dream. I plan on dreaming a great great deal.

And prepping. I'm going to wash the dishes, do the laundry, sleep a bit longer, rest up some, dream a little dream, clean up my office, buy a few programs, a new printer, notebooks, sharpen my pencils...and take a deep breath before the plunge.

And maybe I'll read a book.

Claire 2.0...beta.


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