"It Ain't Me" Opening February 7th

And I wrote it!

"It Ain't Me" ain't getting no press coverage just yet. I hope it does, but with the dailies cutting back on their arts sections, I need to reach out to the Bloggisphere. To be honest, it's not a sphere I know a lot about and haven't had a lot of practice navigating it. I know from word of mouth that SF is sort of the home of the blog culture and that really, I should be able to get something going that way. But I'm not sure where to even start. Do they accept regular press releases? Should it just be an informal email?

So, that is the task tomorrow...talk to bloggers about the show and attain more web presents.

If you want more information on the show go to: www.amp-sf.org and go out and get it!

Some notes if you are interested: Yes I named the play in part because of the Bob Dylan song, but only in part. It really just ends up having a symatry with the themes in the play. When ever I hear the song I think of the women...yes even when Joan Baez sings it I think of a woman, standing at the window looking in at a man she imagined to be her lover. All her hopes and dreams turn out to be radical myths of love and misconceptions about the person she thinks she wants. All the ways she fantisized a realationship with this man have been so wrong. And she has to let it all go. She took the risk. She's standing on the ledge. And she lost. It's heart breaking and lovely in it's own way. And the play is really about that sort of reality check that happens when we don't get what we want.

"It Ain't Me" opens at El Teatro de la Esperanza on February 7th, but you can see it for free on the 5th and 6th.

I'll see you there.


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