Theatre Full of Weekend

Well hello hello. Long time no read, you might be saying to yourself. And yourself would be right in chastising this little writer for ignoring her duties to her public who ache to know up to date information on comings and goings and doings and seeings. But, all that is for not. I can not recover time lost by wasting it in the present with apologies. So, onward and upward.

Matt and I were lucky enough this weekend to be rich with time to see friends in several different theatre adventures this weekend. Although "lucky" may not be the right word in all cases.

This weekend Matt and I saw:

Tallgrass Gothic at Impact Theatre

The Eight: Reindeer Monologues at The Exit

Arcadia at SF State University

Love is Free at The Garage Theatre

In addition, we also took part in a Thunderbird Theatre Company play reading. I will not divulge any Thunderbird secrets, so you'll just have to wait until they formally announce the show they are doing. But needless to say, the two condenders for the spot in the summer are very funny!

The reviews will be posted in the coming hours and days. Then, I'll write more!


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