Publicity, Press and Other for "Pride and Succubus"

I just have to put these up before they go away forever...

"Since 1998, the Thunderbird Theatre Company has produced original comedic plays with a literary and cinematic twist; its last two seasons featured Release the Kraken, a modern retelling of the Perseus myth, and Aaah! Rosebud!, a prequel to Citizen Kane. Now, Thunderbird takes on mistress-of-the-word Jane Austen in Pride and Succubus, a bloody funny spoof. Reprised are the roles of Elizabeth and Darcy, but in this version, Elizabeth is a strong-willed female Van Helsing and Darcy an arrogant gentleman bloodsucker. To twist Austen's own message a bit: "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune . . ." is probably a vampire."

– Laureen Mahler on Flavor Pill

"In August 2008, the San Francisco theatre company ThunderBird presented Pride and Succubus, a comedy that merges the worlds of Jane Austen and Buffy the Vampire Slayer casting Elizabeth as an 18th-century vampire slayer some centuries before Buffy. The show also makes extensive fun of Wikipedia, as the drama is introduced by a narrator akin to Alistair Cooke, who tells the audience he is "Mr. Pedia" but that we could call him "wiki". He then proceeds to give numerous grossly and obviously inaccurate facts about Jane Austen; at one point, he's interrupted mid-sentence, stating that factoid was just deleted in a 'revert'."

-Wikipedia as of 9/05/08 on the Pride and Prejudice entry

A little bit from Tara Queen of the Succubi

A shout out from Austen Blog

"Need more vampires with your literature? You've got two more days to take in Thunderbird Theatre Company's "Pride and Succubus," a tongue-in-check comedy playing in San Francisco and featuring reworked Jane Austen characters "" Miss Elizabeth, a vampire slayer, and the mysteriously nocturnal Mr. Darcy."

-Chris Watson: Book Briefs Santa Cruz Sentinel

Oh yes...and people love us on Yelp!

And a very little, but fun, mention in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner

"In August 2008, a San Francisco theatre company presented Pride and Succubus, a comedy that merged Jane Austen with Buffy the Vampire Slayer casting Elizabeth as an 18th-century vampire slayer ." - Neil Atkinson, Huddersfield Daily Examiner


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