Making Time Out of Thin Air

Starbucks and I've just spent $18 to get on the internet for two Like it's a joy to come here. I miss New Orleans and it's almost Starbucks coffee shop with it's numerous places to sit, ample outlets, and big windows. I want to find a tea shop with internet so I can sit and enjoy tea and toast and work. This stupid corner Starbucks does not have enough places to sit, does not have enough outlets and honestly the coffee always leaves my mouth feeling coated with...I don't a wool coat.

I guess I don't need the internet, but..."blogging" is a nice warm up to writing. I'm sorry. I can't do it. I'm going to call it web logging. This little paragraph is "blah" but I don't have to title everything I write like that. I hate the way internet speak shortens everything.

I was talking to a man the other day, he was flirting and I was trying to find an exit. He claimed to be a writer and said his favorite writer was a man who hated adverbs. I can't remember the name of the writer now. I remember agreeing that that was a good writer and thanking goodness that he didn't say something like Tom Clancy because I didn't want to have a conversation about him twice in one week...and this guy looked like he'd say something crazy like Tom Clancy. But, instead, he picked an adverb hater. This man said that he also hates adverbs and never uses them himself. Then he asked me if I agreed with him and his adverb hating ways..."I guess" I said. To which he laughed. I was at the moment trying to recall a single adverb and a time in which I thought they were useless. Unfortunately, I later found that I couldn't agree with him. I love modifiers and any writer who chooses to hate whole sections of language is like a painter who had decided to hate the color yellow. It's not out of the way, but a little inhibiting. Besides, dialogs and stage directions are ripe with adverbs and, like a good adverb junkie, I can't live without them.

I've done a selfish thing and canceled rehearsal for tomorrow. Does the show need it? Yes, yes very much. Do I need a day to clean my house and work on a play? Yes, yes very much. I feel I will regret it later, but I just need to work.


Kiki B said…
Don't worry about canceling rehearsals. I've done it selfishly before. Sometimes, it's just what the show needs.
P.S. I'm going to see Counting Crows tomorrow!

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