Some Events Worth Penning In

I'll have these all up on my calendar before too long, but I just wanted to put the following shows out there in the wide world. These are all shows worth seeing and keeping your eyes out for. I'm connected to each of these by a friend or colleague or just because I'm a fan of the work, but as you plan your theatre goings on for the rest of the year put these down in your calendar.

Of course, top of the list is my own "Pride and Succubus", which is a requirement if you love me (, but here are the rest:

"Emo the Musical" put on by Beards Beards Beards: A Theatre Company

"The Monk" put on by No Nude Men Theatre Company

"Third Eye" put on by Guerrila Rep

"Ubu Rock" put on by Empty Seat Productions

"Macbeth" put on by Killer Bee Productions (no website yet...but keep an eye out because my boyfriend Matt is in this one.)

"Machinal" put on by SFState

"Doctor Faustus" put on by Actors Ensemble of Berkeley

"That Horrible In Between Place" put on by Ann Marie Productions

"Macbeth" put on by Shotgun Players


durkhaima said…
Hey I'm in Macbeth at Next Stage (3rd Witch, Gentlewoman, Macduff's son and Messenger)
and here's the site

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