The Differance Between Good and Bad

This has been a difficult couple of weeks creatively. "The Journeys of the Angels" opened to more or less a creek and a whisper. We get great reactions from our audience when the director, writer and costumer come. They all seem to love the show. A few of my friends who came to see it also loved it, a few even said they would be coming back to see it again. I've had one bad review from a respected friend, but I could have shrugged it off with grace if there had been more then a few friends who saw the show. Not that my close friends haven't been supportive as usual, but the community on a whole seems to have been less then present. We performed for two people on our first Sunday out, then canceled the following Thursday because no one showed up. Our lead actor wanted to know ahead of time if the next Sunday would be canceled so he could make plans. No, people showed up. But so say that we've been getting less then half houses would be a glass half full statement. Demoralizing is a good word for the whole experience. Down right depressing is another. It's not exactly fun to do a show you've put your heart into and then have a feeling in your gut no one is showing up.


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