We Can't Include Everybody...

I found the following story on IMDB.com this morning during my usual gossip glut. I understand that some important people/events might have been left out of the ceremony this year due to the short time organizers had to put the bulk of it together. But because he died so recently and he wasn't exactly a nobody. I would hope that the organizers would apologize and, if such an excuse could be made, say that they were on a short schedule and his name was inexcusably over looked. But to say "It is simply not possible to include everyone in that segment." I think sounds cruel...especially on a list of at least 50 people. Did they get to Brad and say "No, we just don't have room for that one."

Below you'll find two articles which basically say the same thing. All I have to say: They should have made room for one more.

Renfro Snubbed at Oscars

Tragic actor Brad Renfro was snubbed at Sunday's Academy Awards when organizers left him out of a montage of stars who died in the past year. Renfro was found dead from a drug overdose in Los Angeles in January, aged just 25. But he was overlooked on a list of 98 movie industry people, that included everyone from actors and directors to public relations people. A statement from the Motion Picture Academy of America claims, "It is simply not possible to include everyone in that segment." But a friend of the late star of The Client, Apt Pupil and Ghost World tells Tmz.com, "It's unbelievable and disgusting."

Brad Renfro Excluded From Oscar Tribute

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Blogs were buzzing with discussion of why Brad Renfro was left out of the Academy Awards tribute to Hollywood figures who died in the past year.

The troubled 25-year-old actor died Jan. 15 of a heroin and morphine overdose. Heath Ledger, killed by an overdose of prescription drugs one week later, appeared in a scene from "Brokeback Mountain" at the conclusion of the three-minute video tribute at Sunday night's Oscar ceremony.

"Unfortunately we cannot include everyone," said Leslie Unger, spokeswoman for the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. "Our goal is to honor individuals who worked in the many professions and trades of the motion picture industry, not just actors."

Hilary Swank introduced the Oscar segment, which featured 43 people including makeup artists, a stuntman and several Hollywood agents. Unger said it was not required that those honored be members of the Academy or past Oscar nominees.

USA Today blogger Whitney Matheson headlined a post Monday, "Why was Brad snubbed last night?" and Perez Hilton posted a mug shot of Renfro with the words "Oscar Snub."

TMZ speculated Renfro was not "feel-good enough" for Oscar, but public comments left on the site also pointed out that in contrast to Ledger, "Renfro wasn't a big enough star."

Unger shook off the suggestion that Renfro wasn't included because of his history with drugs. "I can't speak to what other people are going to think," Unger said. "We can't include everybody."

Renfro was most well-known for his title role in 1993's "The Client," and had his last major roles more than a decade ago. He had appeared in smaller parts in recent years.

Oscar-nominated "Jaws" star Roy Scheider also was not included. His death on Feb. 10 fell outside the time frame of the tribute video, which covered Feb. 1, 2007 to Jan. 31, 2008.

And of course the actual video (also Marcel Marceau is not mentioned, neither is Luciano Pavarotti):

And here is the BAFTA tribute which is a better tribute over all (the Oscars didn't even really give Bergman much time...I mean really!)

And here is the SAG tribute...wow...the oscars one seems really lax. Is it always this bad? (also, no need to stay on for the "extended fan tribute" that some sad sack added on...you'll know it when you see it.)


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