Feeling Fancy Free, Flying Freakishly Frazzled For Formica Furnishings

If you can't do it here, where can you?

Update on my life: I visited my mom in San Antonio and on a delay in Las Vegas mistakenly bought Matt a pack of nude playing cards that I thought just had showgirls on them. I'm directing Serve By Expiration for Thunderbird Theatre Company and right at this moment I think it's going well. Ask me tomorrow and who the F*%K knows what I'll tell you. I've taught to classes so far this semester and that doesn't feel as if it is going as well. I feel unfocused, but it is very early in the semester and I think the mood will improve. I think it will be noticeably more energetic after we read The Devil and Billy Markham and get into the concept project which are fun to teach and fun to do.

Brown Bag is doing my first play Once a Boy this week. It's been a good experience. I think they've done well with the show. It did make me wish that I had done some rewrites. I have to worry now that I may not get the opportunity to because I can't find the computer file for the life of me. I need to get a copy off the director. Which is odd. To rework my own script I need to get it from someone else. And I will need to rework it. A lot of it is all wrong and doesn't flow. But, so many projects so little time.

Speaking of which, I've been Jack's procrastinating mind recently. My lectures aren't the only things that have been unfocused. In general I've been spacey and without much drive. Blah blah poor poor Claire.

And in closing, Matt and I will be getting internet in the next month, so you might be seeing one or two more blogs out of me a week rather than a month. Hooray!


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