Did I mention I'm doing a show?

Thunderbird Theatre is proud to present the return of last year's Sketch Comedy Show…
"Serve By Expiration!"

Written by Ian Hemenway and Sang S. Kim

Directed by Claire Rice

Featuring: Faith Aeryn, Jacquie Duckworth, Jenni Gebhardt, Matt Gunnison, Tavis Kammet, Christopher P. Kelly, Nathan Tucker & Wilton Yeung

It's our tenth year and we're starting 2008 with brand new skits o'comedy from the people who brought you last years show…

Shameless Praise from Last Year's Show:

"[a] wry take on weighty social concerns… Serve by Expiration will make your belly ache with laughter…"

- San Francisco Bay Guardian

"…sharp social observations dished up as short comedy skits... provocative and funny…"

- San Francisco Bay Times

Hard to believe all this praise was from a show about crusading lawyers, homeless hobo-espionage and panda molestation. WTF? WTF Squared?!

This time SBE returns to skewer that little crime against humanity known as your office day job because it's the little things that make it suck… overbearing bosses… unrequited office romances… that coffee waitress who thinks she's Che Barista starting a Worker's Revolution and then there's that part-man, part-plant co-worker who's threatening your job security. It's the nightmare job told in bite size portions of comedy.

"Serve by Expiration" is the comedic pumice stone for the callus on your soul. Is that imagery too high brow? Don't worry – we also got pudding in our boxers and sex with office furniture. Sweet on that!

Not enough? Wait. There's more! How about a phenomenal cast… an Ensemble of Eight. Some familiar faces. Some new faces. Come shower them with unconditional love… the kind of unconditional love you can only find at the Special Olympics and the Latin Grammies.

No job is worth hiding under your desk and crying! Come see the show dammit!

"Serve By Expiration"

Feb 28th to Mar 15th (Thursdays - Saturdays)

Produced by the Thunderbird Theatre Company

Presented at Exit on Taylor

277 Taylor St., San Francisco 94102

Curtain: 8:00pm Cost: $15-$20

Tickets & Information:


(415) 289-6766

Contains adult humor. Leave the kids at home.


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