Tell me where it hurts

Saturday morning, bright and early, Pauline and I shook off the San Francisco fog and headed south to hike in McNee Ranch State Park. I highly recommend this area. The views are fantastic and there are opportunities for all kinds of hikers at all kinds of levels. Below are a few sites that I recommend that give nice pictures and information:

Although, we didn't park where everyone else in the guides says to park. (Where there are MAYBE 6 spaces for cars.) We parked a little further north where there was tons of parking. Either way is fine.

Pauline and I were out there most of the day. My Pedometer said we walked 11 miles. I highly doubt that, I don't trust that thing at all. But I would say we did 7 miles and it felt really good. Ok, it felt awful, but it felt good. And, I didn't get sunburned! What a good girl I am.

Sunday I woke up really early and walked over to the yoga studio for an early morning class. Wednesday night Rachel, Emily and I all took a class together. Rachel was unimpressed to say the least. The class was over crowded and the teacher didn't interact with her students or help ensure the crowding didn't effect the class. She also didn't seem to have a good grasp on class level. Half of the class were experienced yoga teachers and half the class were newbies. But the 8:45 Sunday morning class was great. Small class and we all got attention from the teacher.

The good news is that I felt like while there was a lot I really couldn't do, I also didn't do too badly. I felt like I could keep trying to do the moves and would eventually be able to keep up. But I was defiantly at the bottom of the class level wise. The bad news is there's something I completely forgot about that happens in a yoga class: Farts. I farted in the middle of class. Now, I had done this during the evening class too, but to a lesser extent. On Sunday it was during a move where we went from down word dog, then lifted one leg up, opened our hips then pulled the leg in then out again, in and out, in and out. It looked like this:

Well, to be honest everyone else's looked like that. Mine must have looked...interesting...

We did a similar move in the evening class, but the leg only lifted once. Here it was many times...and yes I farted more than once. It was embarrassing like no one's business. But, such is the way of things. I just hope I didn't gross everyone out. I'll remember to do that move at home before I go to class and hopefully get it out of my system.

But, it is not an uncommon things. I suggest everyone look up on Google Yoga and Farting. Enjoy!

So, I have to remember that I like Heather as a teacher, she seemed really nice and I like that class time. It gives me time to do other things on a Sunday and it's the one day I don't normally have rehearsals. Sometimes I have meetings, but that's rare. So I think I might sign up for Heather's early morning Sunday class every week. First, I'm going to use up the last of my $20 for three sessions on a back to basics class. This studio doesn't really have a beginners/intermediate/advanced. But they just started so that may change. Anyway, I haven't taken a class in four years now and I think I need some refresher on basic poses and positions.

One thing I'm not sure I liked was the restorative pose we did at the end. Rachel was really excited about it...I felt like a trussed up turkey. Below is a picture that is almost exactly what we did.

I'm sure it is really restorative and Heather was very attentive, making sure I was comfortable and that my body was positioned well. She put pillows under my knees and pulled my neck and head in a way that relaxed my shoulders and neck. But add about sixty pounds to the nice woman above and about ten years less yoga practice and you'll get the same feeling I did.

I did not walk home. It's a long walk to that particular studio and I was feeling sore from the yoga so I bussed it. How long a walk? Google says 2.4 miles. Go Claire! And!!!! I did laundry when I got home!

You might be asking why I'm taking classes from a place so far away, mostly because it's near Rachel and Emily. They both were talking about trying it out because it was near them. There are several studios near me and I think I'll try all of their introductory rates, but for now this place is nice.

Today I tried something new: I walked to work. It's pretty much a straight shoot from my place to school, which is nice. I'd never walked it before because it is a long walk 19th avenue and the side streets are actually very busy during rush hour. It just didn't seem like a pleasant walk. But, I decided to hell with it, and I gave it a try. This walk took me about forty minutes and is, according to Google, 3.2 miles. (my pedometer wasn't far off, it says 3.1 miles....maybe Pauline and I did walk 11 miles this weekend. WOW!)

So, where does it hurt? My hips and my shoulders my lower back. But, all in all I don't feel that bad, and I'm glad I didn't sit around all weekend. I do worry that I over did it, or that I don't know how to balance it. If I do yoga in the morning, can I sit around all day the rest of the day? I don't know. Either way, I should have brought my Tylenol with me because I am hurting.


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