It's the end of the world as we know it

Update: I took the yoga class on Wednesday...and I'm still hurting on Friday. I'm trying to shake the Western Ideas of "I need to be good at this" out of my head and remind myself that I should be thinking more like a person who is doing yoga. It's not about being good or better than the person next to me. It's about being in the moment.

In this moment, my shoulders are super sore. In that moment, I was thinking "Mother F*#KER!" In this moment I'm planning on going again on Sunday. And I'm also thinking about not doing 7:45pm classes again. Hopefully in the next moment I wont regret an 8:45 am class. But, it's all about trying.

In other news, the Chinese food place we went to last night made my tummy hurt.

Now on to something that matters.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, in his infinite wisdom, has decided to cut the budget without raising taxes. It's a 10% cut across the board. Almost every state institution has to cut in this fiscal year, 10%. Fun! Fun! Fun! If he gets his way then he also gets to suspend any promised money. If the voters pass one of the propositions that has a promise of money for education, the govener will suspend it. For me, this means my job is actually in jeopardy. My position was added recently and it's sort of at the bottom. But I doubt it's going to come to lay offs any time soon. What will happen? The building projects that SF State have been gearing up for may be halted indefinably. Again. Fun! He's going to close a bunch of parks, going to let go of a bunch of correctional officers, going to let out some of the non threatening criminals out of jails, and going to take away money from medical, homeless programs, AIDS programs, children's programs, drug programs... So eventually he will be laying off a lot of state employees, he will be cutting back on education, he will be cutting back on health care and programs to help these unable to care for themselves. Oh, and there is a strike going on that has taken over one of California's biggest industries. OH and housing prices are not actually going down and there are still foreclosures going on. OH! And some of those major firms that gave those sub prime loans are from California.

It means that this state as a whole will continue it's backslide into this recession. FUN! FUN! FUN!

This could have been predicted. Other things like, the fact that Blue Ray might just take over, came out of no where. Who saw that coming, and who ever they are why didn't they tell me to wait before I bought a new DVD player. I just want some stability somewhere from the tech world. Can't I have a computer, a phone, a TV, a media player for longer than two years! Please? No. Ok, well fine.

The fact that news organizations don't know what to do with themselves now that there is STILL no clear front runner in either party, is also out of left field. I mean, come on. The fact that the first two tiny states to vote in the primary's have no impact other than their electoral votes on the person who is elected president was obvious as soon as California moved up it's primary. And, come on, people have been torn about who they were going to vote for for a long time! Why are all the pundits and newsies and who ever surprised that the polls where wrong? If I lived in New Hampshire or Illinois, I would have been tired of people asking me who I voted for, who I was going to vote for, who I liked and why. I would lie after a while. Lie lie lie.

Do I know who will be president? No. And I'm still undecided, if you can believe it. It's the journey, not the outcome.


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