Your vote doesn't count...if you don't vote!

And the best way to start swinging the vote your way is to talk about who you are voting for and why. We can't shy away from political conversations. We can't beg out of a room when we hear other people talking about politics. The people who are talking, who are arguing, who are making themselves heard are the people who are changing the vote and getting their agendas pushed through congress and influencing who becomes the president.

When Gore was running for president and you heard pendants say things like "We need to get back to family values, we need to vote for a party that cares about family," (meaning we don't want someone in the White House associated with an adulterer like Clinton) and you sat on your couch and in your car and at the office and thought to yourselves "What does family values have to do with it?" But you said nothing! Say something NOW! Be loud NOW!

When someone in your circle says "I'm voting for Clinton because I think she's going to win anyway," say NO! Tell that person to really put there vote where it will do good, with the candidate they believe in. Don't let the TV and the Radio and the "news" tell you who's doing the best as a candidate...listen to who will be the best president.

So I'm going to start talking about it. And I'm going to start talking about John Edwards. I want John Edwards for President. So I'm going to talk about John Edwards

More to come soon!


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