Review: Aaah! Rosebud

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**Aaah! Rosebud New Langton Arts, 1246 Folsom;
289-6766, $20-25.
Thurs-Mon, 8pm. Through Sept 8. Also Sept 21-22: Julia
Morgan Center for the Arts, 2640 College, Berk. It
might seem impetuous to take on a revered classic of
the magnitude of Citizen Kane, which regularly polls
at the top of all-time-greatest-movie lists more than
60 years after its release, but desecrating sacred
cows is what Thunderbird Theatre does best. In
addition to Orson Welles's cinematic masterpiece, this
year's sacred cow lineup includes zombies, Cats, the
works of H.G. Wells, and the underrated precision team
sport of curling. Written by Thunderbird regular and
radio personality Peter Finch and starring ubiquitous
T-bird villain Jason Harding as William Orson Kane,
Aaaah! Rosebud! explores the crude machinations with
which Kane would take over the world — all with the
aid of his bloodthirsty sled Rosebud, a vessel capable
of turning the slavishly ambitious into the freakishly
slow undead. If you're looking for a deeper metaphor,
you might be at the wrong show. But if you've ever
pondered the best use for stale baguettes, yearned to
dominate the known universe, or just have an agile
adoration for alliteration, you'll glean plenty of
enjoyment from Thunderbird's latest homage cum
send-up, and you won't even have to watch the movie
first (though it wouldn't hurt). (Gluckstern)


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