Load in...

Yes, my friends. It's that time in the production when we hitch up our jeans, buzz those saws, and get our paint on. We've loaded in, we've hacked at the boards, and we've altered the speaker system. My back is tired and my legs are sore from standing around and watching everyone else work hard. There were plenty of people who knew what they were doing, and there was no need for me to make things worse.

Below is an awful outline of our day. Do not feel compelled to read it. Reading it will be a disappointment. But, you can read our article in the pink section. Hurray for us! This is great, hopefully it will be reflected in ticket sales.

9am: The loaded truck parked itself in front of New Langton Arts, where our troupe had to ask the person sleeping in the doorway to find a new local. Already we are unpopular in the neighborhood.

10am: Everything is off the truck and the building can begin in earnest.

11am: Building has begun! But don't have as much wood as we would like. But, after some trouble at Teatro de la Esperansa, where we've been having rehearsals, all the props are moved to NLA and we can go shopping!

12am: Kathy and I have shopped and now it is time for eating!

1pm: Kathy and I finally find a place to park, so our lunch break is late, but other people are working again.

2pm: The speaker issue comes up again. Time to move them to a new local.

3pm: Are we done yet!

4pm: Painting time! The set is up and now we can paint it.

5:30pm: Time to take our weary asses home.


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