How Bazaar

So I talked the department into buying a camera and letting me figure out how to use it. It's an expensive camera. Well, expensive for me. Not for those people who all own iPhones now. But more importantly, it's hard to use. It's not point and shoot. It's adjust this dial, this setting, that setting, this dial. Test. Test. Adjust. Adjust. Test. Adjust. Point and shoot.

I'll get the hang of it one of these days. So there's not a lot of art in the photography or style or technique. But maybe there will be someday. For now I'm just trying to figure out the settings. But, when a nice picture does come around, I'm going to post it and let everyone know "Hey! I did that!"

These pictures where taken yesterday. The picture of Matt was taken on our way to the reading of "Aaah! Rosebud" the second picture is of our good friend Max while he looks over his script at the reading. I spent some time during the reading looking as if I knew exactly what I was doing while I wondered around the table and shot pictures. I'm willing to bet I looked like I always wanted to look when I held a camera, like I knew what I was doing. But for the most part, I was just trying out settings. These are my two favorite pictures, but I included a few others that I think are nice too, or at least show more of the readers.

The reading itself went really well. It took place at the Bazaar Cafe in the Richmond. I highly recommend the place. It was quiet (well, before we got there anyway) and had a decent sized menu for such a small place. Most importantly, the pies looked home made. I was too busy to eat, but they looked great.

The director, Dylan Russel, really cast this play well. Everyone really fits their parts and I can't wait to see this up. It's a comic retelling/parody/pre-quil to Citizen Kane. In our version he has a demonic sled that he uses to kill people and turn them into zombies that will do his bidding as part of his plan to take over the world. Matt plays Jebidiah Stanford, Kane's former right hand man turned mortal enemy. I play the production manager, the captain at the helm of this crazy ship.


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