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The Bindle Rag - Issue #1

Issue #1 of The Bindle Rag is out and you can find three of my poems within! I was invited by the editor, John LaMar Elison, to contribute and I've been eagerly awaiting the publication.  I want to say something important about zines and the lost art of being a finder of people and poetry. I think of Edger Allen Poe, a finder of writers in addition to being one himself. I think of Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney. They've got a barn so they are putting on a show! Except it's the internet and access to someone who codes. I want to say something important about how the world is coming to an end but that doesn't matter because we can only either make it happen fast or slow so we might as well write poetry and someone needs to be the one to publish it otherwise we're just trees in a forest falling down with no one to hear it. But I don't know if that's important or just true.  Either way, The Bindle Rag is a wonderful thing and you should click on the link.  There

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