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The best source for information, news and goings on for Theatre in the Bay Area
Theatre Bay Area

Tickets, Tickets, Tickets
Tix Bay Area

Theatre companies I am partial to
SF TheatrePub
Thunderbird Theatre
SF Olympians
Bay One Acts Festival
Cutting Ball Theatre
42nd Street Moon

People you should know if you don't
Marissa Skudlarek
Christine McClintockChad Jones
Tim Bauer
Adam Szymkowicz
Kristin Burg
Chloe Veltman
Nathan Bransford
Sam Hurwitt
Charles Mee
Cody Rishell

Websites I visit from time to time
Hark, a Vagrant!New Play Blog from Arena Stage
Bad Machinery 

If you are interested in other play blogging experiments, you should check out:
Neil LaBute and Theresa Rebeck's play written by live chat for the LA Times. You can read the full chat here:
Charles Mee and his (re)making project: 

...and more to come!