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Songs of Hestia: Five Plays from the 2010 San Francisco Olympians Festival

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Featuring plays Nirmala Nataraj, Bennett Fisher, Stuart Eugene Bousel, Claire Rice, and Evelyn Jean Pine. In SONGS OF HESTIA: FIVE PLAYS FROM THE 2010 SAN FRANCISCO OLYMPIANS FESTIVAL, five playwrights adapt some of Western culture's oldest stories to illuminate our present-day concerns with imagination, creativity, curiosity and passion. These are plays that ask the hard questions, that explore our humanity through exploring the myths that make us who we are. Hestia, the goddess of the hearth, is variously an ex-nun who runs a Hollywood hot dog cart (Aphrodite: A Romance in Infomercials by Nirmala Nataraj); a barista who serves as the play's moral conscience (Hermes by Bennett Fisher); a sharp-tongued spinster (Juno en Victoria by Stuart Eugene Bousel); a crazed, childlike wraith (Demeter's Daughter by Claire Rice); and a nurturing but ultimately ineffectual goddess (Hephaestus and the Three Golden Robots by Evelyn Jean Pine). With an introduction by Marissa Skudlarek.

Heavenly Bodies: Ten Plays from the 2011 San Francisco Olympians Festival

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Ten plays that were written for the 2011 San Francisco Olympians Festival inspired by the myths of heavenly bodies and elements of the sky: the stars, constellations, asteroids, moons, winds, planets and the sun. Plays included in the collection are “Leda And The Pr0n” by Kirk Shimano, “Joe Ryan” by Megan Cohen, “Cassiopeia” by Christian Simonsen, “Pleiades” by Marissa Skudlarek, “Boreas” by Lise Miller, “Chronus” by Bennett Fisher, “Europa” by Claire Rice, “Too Near the Sun” by Jeremy Cole, “Nyx” by David J. Duman, and “Hyperion to a Saytr” by Stuart Eugene Bousel. Edited by Stuart Eugene Bousel.

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